Conversations worth having…

Welcome to FACETS 2012.

Skillset and Net Balance, in partnership with ABC Rural were pleased to deliver FACETS 2012 to attendees and viewers both across Australia and on an international scale.  On the 24th August we brought together farmers, researchers and thought leaders to share big ideas around key issues for regional Australia;

Food  Agriculture  Climate  Energy | Topsoil | Sustainability

FACETS 2012 provided a great opportunity to share ideas that empower people, build useful connections and bring about positive change in our communities.

Click here to view clips from the day.

The FACETS 2012 hub at Skillset’s Flannery Centre in Bathurst was connected to satellite events in regional locations across Australia, where programs comprised of a combination of local speakers and presentations streamed live from the Bathurst event.

This TED styled event was interactive with facilitated networking opportunities, topic forums,  and Q&A’s . Presentations of no more than 18 minutes each were designed to facilitate knowledge and information sharing and stimulate conversations worth having.

View the FACETS 2012 Bathurst Program